Yorn Episodio IX

9th episode of Corlyorn. "This is the end...my friend"
The end of an era of Corlyorn family advertisings. So much fun we had making these. In this last one, we get to see really close up of each characters with a camera movement along a still moment where they are all riding a scooter in some hills.
The catch is that they have just rode off the edge of the hill and will fall into oblivion, marking the end of the ads series. In the open shot we just see everything falling cartoon style just leaving a trace of smoke and flying papers...
bye bye my friends!
Modeling; Animation; Particle Fx; Shading; Lighting; Rendering; Post-Production/Compositing
Client : Vodafone
Agency: Brandia
Production : Take it easy / Nebula studios
Sound : Indigo