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COMPAL Goiaba Branca - White Guava from Egypt

These are 4 different spots, each containing a riddle to ultimately reveal the final one with the packshot.

I did everything on these. The great thing about it is that we had like 3 days and no one was expecting that i could pull something cool in this timeframe. Of course doing it all from scrath would be impossible, so i had to use existing models, etc. However, all the models you can see such as columns, statues, the sand...had to be completely reshaded, new normal/displacemente maps so they would appear much more realistic than they actually were..

Fortunately it was one of those cases where the first thing you do is the right thing, and i just kept going...

Client: Compal
Agency: Y& R Lisbon
Broker: Filmbrokers
Production & Animation Co: Nebula Studio
Director: Guilherme Afonso /Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
3D Artist & Compositing: Miguel Madaíl de Freitas
Illustrator: João Mil-Homens

Compal - 'White Guava from Egypt'

Miguel madail de freitas comp1

Initial lighting up of the torch, all done in comp

Miguel madail de freitas comp2

Sand and statue models redone for realism

Miguel madail de freitas comp3

Entering the chamber of the treasure, i definitely wanted an Indiana Jones reference.

Miguel madail de freitas comp4

Finally the altar. Needless to say, you touch it, you die..

Miguel madail de freitas maxresdefault

my reference for the altar!