YORN Colryorn EPISÓDIO VII 30'' - 3D Animated Tv Spot

In this new episode from the Corlyorn family, Tito, the younger brother is hanging in a giant hook inside the Corlyorn's secret warehouse. While he's dragged from the hook, he's presenting all the company's promotions and finishes with some jokes on how long he will need to be up there!
Technical Details:
I made the hook rig which just by pulling the root of the chain will automatically move everything else, and apply all sort of physics to the animation, such as weight, tension, swinging animation, all fully controllable. This allow the animator to concentrate on the character animation only.
I also made a simpler system for the shirt braces, to automatically make the "hanging swing", again with adjustable tension and controls.
Apart from that, we had to figure out how to have literally hundreds of thousand boxes, so i managed to create an instance system for duplicating some generic boxes and randomize each one, and be light at render time. The box walls closer to the camera were modeled and posed by hand.
Finally, i also did some shading, all lighting, rendering and final compositing/post production.