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ONE Watch Company - 3D Advertising

We had to create this whole story where all elements would turn or transform into each other, and that everything would be very fluid and strong in terms of colour.

So we had to deal with some tricky liquid simulations and other details along the shot. For instance, the rooster melting into the ocean was a very tricky shot, not only to control how we wanted the effect to happen as also to actually having a full fluid rooster without loosing all the small details such as the beak and top of his head.

The end shot where the two watches come out of the liquid was the most difficult. The speed that the clocks come out always made it so that the liquid made a huge splash, but we and the client wanted a very smooth feel. But just making a more viscous fluid wasn't enough, so we had to come up with something that is a mix between a fluid and a solid with some light surface deformation...

All in all, a tough job that came out quite nicely in the end.

Beside the animated tv ad, i also had to create two high-resolution print ads that you can see below.

I was responsible for all the look development, R&D, liquids, some animation, shading, lighting and final compositing.

Client: One watch company
Agency: Uzina
Production : Nebula Studios
Sound: Trigital

Rooster Print

Rooster Print

ONE - Watch Company - 3D Animated Tv Spot

Swallows Print

Swallows Print

ONE Watch Company Particle Flow Liquid preview